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Here is our mini me list of small sized mobile phones. We keep this list up to date with new record breaking midget mobiles constantly, pick up your magnifying glass and scroll down to start!

As technology becomes more and more advanced, the devices that contain it becomes smaller and smaller. With the meteoric rise in popularity of smartphones, the demand for a device that is small enough to comfortably carry around, but that also contains all those features we have come to expect from a modern phone, has also increased. Consumers will no longer put up with large, bulky and ugly handsets. Instead, they expect sleek, cool and well-designed phones. Most of the time this means making handsets smaller and smaller, without reducing the number of features available. With this in mind, we have compiled a concise guide to the smallest mobile phones in the world.

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This key fob phone is known for being smuggled into prisons

1. BMW Key Fob Phone

OK so we don’t actually have any solid dimensions for this phone, but it is extremely relevant at the moment. Reports emerged that this key fob phone is hugely popular with UK prisoners, even though they can only text and call – that’s all they need it to do anyway.  These tiny phones are easily sneaked into prisoners and used to contact people outside of the cells. If caught this can lead to two addtional years in prison. This doesn’t seem to stop them though – 7,000 handsets and SIM cards were seized in English prisons last year alone.


Number 2: Willcom WX06A

Just launched in Japan, the WX06A is officially the world’s smallest phone at just 32 x 70 x 10.7mm and weighing in at 32 grams. Due to the teeny tiny size of the phone it doesn’t have a camera and talk time battery is just 2 hours. But you are still able to text, make calls and send emails – it even has a fold out antenna so you can get better signal. This little phone, which comes in black, white and pink, is only available in Japan at the moment. The question is, will anyone be able to use the keys?!

Number 3: The Modu Mobile

Only recently beaten by the Willcom, The Modu Mobile was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Lightest Phone until 2013. The handset weighs just over forty grams and measures a mere 72 x 37 x 7.8 mm. However, the Modu Mobile’s diminutive size doesn’t prevent it from performing most of the functions you need from a phone. It’s able to make calls, send SMS messages, play MP3s and take photos. For some of these functions you may need to use attachments, bulking up the size a little, but this phone is still a wonder of micro design.

Number 4: The NEC N930

While the phones listed above may not occupy a place in the mainstream market, and it would be difficult to find them on sale outside of specialist shops; the NEC N930 is probably the smallest phone in the world that was actually available in most phone retailers. Compared to the Modu Mobile this seems fairly large, but it still weighs in at a light 72 grams and boasts dimensions measuring 85.5 x 54 x 11.9 mm. Once again, the handset contains all the features you would expect and is incredibly stylishly designed for its time. This phone also did reasonably well in terms of sales, not just because of its small size, but also because it looked great, ran well and contained everything the mobile phone users needed.

Number 5: The Xun Chi 138

The Xun Chi 138 is probably one of the Modu Mobile’s closest competitors when it comes to size, but doesn’t quite manage to beat it. The handset weighs just 55 grams and utilises a touch screen that makes the most of handwriting recognition technology. As the handset is too small for a keypad, or a big enough touch keyboard, the handwriting recognition technology is incredibly important. The phone is difficult to get hold of in Europe and is only really readily available in China, where it has become quite popular. This tiny phone has managed to cram in the technology necessary to run an MP3 player and camera, as well as a video recorder.

Number 6: CellWatch M500 Watch Phone

Cellwatch M500 Watch PhoneIt has long been said that the next logical step for mobile phones is to move across to wearable technology and the M500 Watch Phone is a perfect early example of that transition. For those who love the idea of small cell phones, the M500 is a fully-functional and wearable device that has the two-fold benefits of working as a wristwatch and a mobile phone. It may not feature the standard form-factor of what we know and accept as a cell phone, but it certainly offers a unique approach to mobile technology.

Number 7: UTStarcom Slice

31595002-320-0-19036-20060531_123057-320x240The UTStarcom Slice doesn’t have the naming appeal that other devices have. It certainly doesn’t come close to being the smallest in terms of physical dimensions either with its 109 x 46 x 10.2 form factor, but it does beat a lot of the competition with its lightweight shell. Weighing in at just 65 grams, the device is an example of a simple but functional phone with no bells and whistles. Designed with the most basic of mobile features in mind, the Slice can be used simply for making and receiving calls.

Number 8: LG Migo

lg_migo_verizon_z1For those who require something that is small, quirky and offers the most basic features, then the LG Migo should immediately jump to mind. Weighing in at just under 70 grams, the Migo packs in calling and text messaging with a relatively unique and childlike design. In terms of weight and physical dimensions there are a number of devices that are a lot smaller but this is one of the smallest handsets available from one of the world’s most immediately recognisable brands.

Number 9: Samsung SGH-E888

It won’t actually officially claim the title of the world’s smallest mobile telephone, but the Samsung SGH-E888 claims the hearts of many small tech fans due to the fact that, unlike a lot of the competition, it is in wide use around the world. Weighing in around 85 grams, the E888 packs in 80MB of internal memory and has relatively minute 87 x 47 x 23mm dimensions. Samsung has also taken the liberty of packing the device with an embedded swivel camera to give an effective use of that onboard memory.

Number 10: The Haier Elegance

This is the phone that held the title of world’s smallest phone before the Modu Mobile came along and stole its crown. Weighing in at a slightly heavier 64 grams, with measurements of 91 x 35 x18 mm, the Haier Elegance is over twice the thickness of the Modu Mobile, but still manages to surprise with its tiny design. Fulfilling all the functions necessary to be recognised as a proper mobile phone, this great piece of design is still one of the smallest phones in the world.

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  1. aleksandr

    this has been an interesting and informative article. Thank You

  2. Shanthakumar


    • We’re still in shock by the BMW key phone… weird!

  3. Simon

    The problem with modern smartphones is that they dont look or feel like a phone. They are mini tablets. Small phones with real buttons are great.

    • The old fashion phones are much more like phones, but good luck trying to press the buttons on these credit card sized phones! I don’t know what were they thinking Simon

  4. Jewish Doctor

    OH HOW I MISS MY STARTAC…small, million accessories, with today’s tech/camera and it’s small compact size it would be a killa.

  5. 123z

    The bmw is so weird because it’s like a regular car key and half small phone

  6. Alan Parker

    These tiny phones are all well and good but they’ve always been let down by the same problem… Battery. But in 10 years when graphene batteries are in the market you will finally get tiny devices with usable battery life.

  7. George Ralph

    I have a Nokia candybar cell that is about 10 years old. Smallish size, no real games, not for texting, no camera. Bare bones. I pay $30 for 300 minutes a month. Blam. Done. Simplify.

  8. rajkumar balakrishnan

    Youve forgotten the sony x10 mini i have it and it rocks!!!

  9. Gra Piken

    I want a phone that is about the size of the HTC Explorer but still has an HD display, removable battery, a good camera etc. A small phone with good specs. I’m fed up of huge phones that you can’t fit in your pocket.

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