contactless payment gloves

Forget mobile payments, banks are already working on other ways to make your Christmas shopping easier.

This entry comes in the form of[tweet_dis]Barclaycard’s contactless payments gloves, which let you pay by simply tapping them on the card machine.[/tweet_dis]Just imagine – you have hands full of shopping and don’t have the time to find your card, but you don’t need to. Just tap your gloved hand on the machine and you’re done.

barclaycard payments gloves

It has potential to be the ultimate Christmas wearable. Barclaycard reckon they can reduce queuing times at the tills at such a busy time of year, and obviously just make your life easier when you’re manically shopping in December. Also, without stating the obvious, it’s cold in winter so gloves are always handy.

Do people want this?

Barclaycard say yes! A survey of 2,000 people found that 74% of Christmas shopping Brits find long queues most annoying when they’re making their way around the shops.

christmas shopping

That’s not all they found either – “gloves you can pay with” were voted the most wanted wearable, followed only by rings and bracelets. We can imagine their smart, subtle appearance could prove to be popular for a wide range of people too – smartwatches, bracelets and rings can be more of an acquired taste, after all.

Where can you get it?!

If these sound like the shopping solution of your dreams then never fear – you won’t have to wait too long to try them out. Barclaycard has prototypes available which can be trialled at 300,000 UK locations over this Christmas period. If successful, we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re a lot bigger by this time next year.

We’d definitely be happier to see shorter queues by this time in 2015, wouldn’t you?

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