Android Free Music Apps

5 Of The Best Free Music Apps For Android

Free music apps for Android are not hard to find, sometimes you just need a little guidance on which ones to download! We have compiled a solid list of the best ones, so you can listen to music on your android device for absolutely free! These will ensure you are equipped to listen to your favourite songs whether it’s in the gym, in your car, on your commute to work or even just chilling in your own bedroom. There are plenty of free music apps to choose from, but take a read of our suggestions below.

Best Free Android Music App: The All-rounder


Blinkbox claims it is the UK’s number one most loved free music app for Android. It provides the ability to stream music over the wifi, or download tracks and playlists to listen to when you’re offline. This feature is obviously great for when you are on the go or in the gym.

Like all good free music apps, Blinkbox allows you to download and create playlists and save ‘liked’ songs for later. It gives you access to millions of songs and will suggest other music based on your own likes.

Best Free Android Music App: The Independent Music Finder 



This is a more familiar free music app for your Android device, but all the same a good one. Some have referred to the app as ‘the YouTube for audio’ – and it’s a pretty good analogy. With an in-app search function, ability to store music for later, a sleek interface and new music suggestions, SoundCloud offers all the essentials plus more when it comes to free music apps.

Perhaps one of the best and most unique features about SoundCloud is the ability to listen to new and independent music so easily.

Best Free Android Music App: The One Stop Shop



This is a free music app which allows you to store tracks and videos from multiple platforms all in one place. Mixerbox means you can play free music from YouTube, SoundCloud and MP3 files all in one handy app stored on your Android device.

The app will provide automatic playlists based on your Facebook activities, as well as allow you to connect with friends and subscribe to their playlists. If you’re trying to decide what the best free music app for you is, this is worth a trial.

Best Free Android Music App: The Fun One 

deezer music download


You may have seen the adverts, but if not it is worth checking out Deezer when you’re looking for free music apps. Fully compatible on Android devices, you can create play lists as well as get the app to create playlists based on your tastes. Plus, possibly one of our favourite features, you can get the lyrics to your most loved songs via the app!

Deezer is one of the sleeker free music apps for Android, and you can even get 15 days premium for free to test out extra features. It claims to allow you access to over 35 million tracks.

Best Free Android Music App: The Friendly Face 



Another free music app to add to your repertoire! You may have heard of it… but Spotify is a completely free service which allows you to stream music for free on your Android from a huge database. Granted, Taylor Swift isn’t on it. But other than that you are more than likely to find your favourite song for free. What is also great about Spotify is its Spotify Run feature – which will match your running pace to a playlist. This free music app has all the bases covered.

So there you have it, an up-to-date list of the free Android music apps you should be downloading. Now all you need to do is pick your favourite and fill it with your favourite songs! We all need to save money sometimes, and by accessing your music for free, it gives you an upper hand.

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