best world cup apps 2014

Finally it’s here – the World Cup kicks off this weekend and we can’t wait.

But as hard as we try, we can’t be around watching TV for every single match – so how do you keep up with the latest scores? Luckily for us, smartphones put the World Cup results right at your fingertips. That’s if you know which apps to check out. [tweet_dis]Take a look at our definitive guide to the top 10 best World Cup apps[/tweet_dis]below and pick your favourites!

Official Fifa App

Seeing as we’re looking for great Fifa World Cup coverage, it hardly comes as a surprise that one of the best apps out there is from Fifa itself.

official fifa 14 world cup app

It’s clear, it’s simple and easy to use – and you just know that all of the official Fifa World Cup rankings are going to be totally accurate. Here you’ll find a match schedule with a button allowing you to add a match to your calendar if you need to and a news section, so that you can keep up with the latest.

You can grab the app on iOS or Android.

OneFootball Brazil

Interestingly, Volkswagen is behind this app – but luckily you can’t really tell. In that respect, there’s not much not to like about it.

volkswagon sponsored onefootball brazil app

As with Fifa’s official offering, OneFootball Brazil offers match tables, results, leaderboards and everything else you would expect as a standard from the best football apps – but it doesn’t end there. You can pick your team and receive notification updates on how they’re doing and even view detailed statistics section which show you everything down to yellow card tables.

There’s a little World Cup history thrown in too – what more could you want? Get the OneFootball Brazil app on iOS or Android.

Brazil – World Football Finals (Premium)

We’ve included Brazil – World Football Finals in our top best World Cup apps list due to its venue information – something that is a little lacking from the other options here.

best world cup apps 2014

As with most other apps, this one will let you see all the match schedules, statistics and results boards as well as player information, formations and the ability to set up notifications – but it also includes valuable venue and city information which means it’s great if you’re actually going over there too.

Unfortunately this one’s only available on iOS though.

ESPN FC Football & World Cup

We love the ESPN FC Football and World Cup app because it shows you so much more than just a table of match results.

ESPN world cup app brazil 2014

The app features analysis and commentary from experts and allows you to customise your experience by choosing your favourite teams. The ability to set up featured alerts for moments like score updates and in-game player substitutions makes this one of the best world cup apps out there.

Get ESPN’s app for free on Android or iOS.


Here’s another iPhone app which is great if you’re actually travelling over to Brazil to watch some of the matches. This is a translation app pre-loaded with loads of Portuguese and English phrases which will be commonly used while you’re out there…maybe.

brazilinglish app

Maybe the app will be useful, maybe it won’t – but if nothing else it’s great for a bit of a laugh while you’re sat out in the sunshine enjoying the best of Brazil 2014.

Get Brazinglish on iOS here.

BBC Sport

Sometimes the best World Cup apps are just going to be the most familiar ones – and if you’re already familiar with the BBC Sport app then it’s going to be a great way to absorb the latest news.

the bbc sport app is one of the best world cup apps out there

As with the official Fifa ’14 World Cup app, it’s extremely clear and easy to use – but that doesn’t mean it’s basic. It lives up to its reputation – providing up to date schedules, results and team information. There’s a bit of history in this one too with video content and features from past events.

This one’s great on iOS and Android too.

Sports Yapper

This app’s for the social ones among you. Sports Yapper is exactly how it sounds – it essentially lets you ‘yap’ sports with interested people who love doing the same thing. What could be better than that?

sports yapper app

It’s basically a social network for sports fans where you can air your thoughts before, throughout and after your favourite matches – be it updates, banter or just general chat about what’s going on. It’s also teamed up with talkSport for the World Cup to give you an even better user experience.

Get it on iOS or Android.

Football on TV

Sure, you can find out when the match is on by looking it up online – but this top World Cup app puts all that information in one place for you.

football on tv app

It’s a simple, comprehensive guide to when you can catch all of the matches and it’s extremely easy to use – but there is a bit of a catch. As of the 14th June you’ll have to pay a fee of £1.99 a year to unlock match details – so they’re obviously using Brazil 2014 as a bit of a money-maker. It really depends whether you’d rather pay the fee and find details easily, or spend a little more time routing around on the web for the info.

Get the app on your iPhone – there’s no Android version at the moment unfortunately.

Sky Go

Here’s another app which is preceded by its reputation – it’s Sky, so you know they’re going to try and do a good job.

sky go world cup apps

Sky Go has now added six ITV channels to the app just in time for the World Cup 2014 (funny that, really!). Basically, if you’re a Sky customer, this means you can catch exclusive videos from ITV’s coverage throughout the tournament. ITV is covering the final, y’know.

Football Manager Handheld 2014

We know it’s not all about keeping up with the latest scores, sometimes you just want to get involved too – Football Manager Handheld 2014 lets you do just that, making it one of our favourite mobile games for 2014.

football manager 2014

You pick a team and manage it – it’s as simple as that. You make those big decisions, you hire people and transfer them in and out of your club and you come up with tactics. Try it out – let’s see how the World Cup turns out with you in charge. Maybe England could even win…that really would make this one of the best World Cup apps ever.

This is another one of those gets it on Android and iOS situations – which is pretty great.

Will you be following the World Cup this year? Let us know what you think of these apps on Facebook or Twitter. Find out the latest news from the technology world right here too.

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