how to boost iphone battery life

Apple’s iPhone isn’t exactly famous for its long-lasting, incredible battery life – quite the opposite in fact.

Despite many promises from Apple saying that iPhone battery is going to improve with each device, it never quite lives up to the standards of its competitors – but there are some ways we can help. [tweet_dis]Until Apple works it out, there are ways to boost iPhone battery life[/tweet_dis], and we’ve heard from multiple sources that they work.

Update to the latest version of iOS

Tech writers from well-known technology website like Gigaom and ZDNet have both claimed to see a significant increase in iPhone battery life after upgrading to iOS 7.1.1 back in April.

Updating to the latest version of ios 7.1 coulc help to boost iPhone battery

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It makes sense when you think about it. A smartphone is obviously going to run at its best when all of the latest software has been installed and, on top of that, Apple wants everyone to upgrade to its latest iOS version. It’s a no brainer really – if you’ve got some battery blues then update to get the best out of your iPhone.

Turn off any unnecessary location services

We’re not telling you to turn all of your location services off, don’t worry. We’re well aware that smartphone location services are actually a key part of what makes our devices so smart – but you just don’t need all of them switched on.

iphone location services can drain iphone battery

If you head over to your iPhone’s general settings you’ll find ‘Location Services’ where you can monitor what’s turned on and off at any given time. Basically, you really don’t need the ‘Location-Based iAds’ or ‘Setting Time Zone’ switched on, and turning off the ones you don’t need should give your iPhone battery a much-needed boost.

Tell Siri to only speak when spoken to

We know a lot of you still have that iPhone 4S, where Siri uses the iPhone light sensor to activate and ask you about your day.

controlling siri could help to boost iphone battery life

Image via Forbes.

What Apple doesn’t tell you is that Siri is just a massive iPhone battery drainer when it comes down to it. If you have an iPhone 4S then go to General Settings, then Siri and disable her ‘Raise to Speak’ function. You can always just press on the speaker to bring her to life anyway.

Keep an eye on that signal strength of yours

All the time your iPhone has low signal strength, it will search for it and your battery life is bound to suffer.

iphone signal shortage can drain its battery

We know if you’re at work all day then it’s not exactly like you can move somewhere else to use your phone, but here’s an idea. If you’re sat with your phone on your desk and it has really poor signal, why not try a few other places around your desk to see if it improves. It’s only a small change, but it really could boost your iPhone battery life.

Turn off the background apps draining your iPhone battery

The iPhone’s ‘Battery App Refresh’ function basically keeps apps going in the background, which is why your phone is quite so active. In that respect it’s up to you whether you follow this stage or not – although it will boost your iPhone battery, information will take a little longer to get to you.

iphone background app refresh can drain battery

Image via gigaom.

By heading into your General Settings then ‘Background App Refresh’ you can either turn it off across your iPhone, or choose which apps you just don’t need it turned on for. Basically, you’ll still get your notifications, but just not as quickly.

Manage your notifications

Again, seeing as notifications are part of what makes our phone so current and smart, it’s really up to you how many notifications you think you need. Obviously you probably want to know about texts, missed calls and voicemails – but do you always need Facebook and email notifications or could you take the time to go into your app and check for them?

notifications can drain iphone battery

Each time your phone goes off with a notification, your iPhone battery drains a little more so the less you have on the better. Experts note that with each app you disable, you’ll see more standby battery time – so this is an instant trick when it comes to boosting your iPhone’s battery life.

Buy an iPhone battery case

This is like a backup battery case when you think about it, and it actually looks great as a phone cover too. They’re not exactly the cheapest options on the market, with prices usually ranging between £30 to over £100 – but it does mean you’re essentially carrying extra battery life around with you.

morphie packs can boost iphone battery life

Image via cnet.

The Morphie Juice Pack is one of the most popular battery extension packs on the market – with reviews stating that it protects your phone from potential damage as well as potentially providing a drained iPhone with a fully recharged battery.

This might add a little bit of bulk and weight to your iPhone, but is it worth is for that boost in battery life? We think so.

How long does your iPhone battery last? Have these tips helped? Get in touch to let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Check out more smartphone tips here.

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