You’ll struggle to find someone who hasn’t made the most of the Orange Wednesdays deal over the past decade – but it’s won’t be around much longer.

Last week[tweet_dis]EE announced that it’s ending the Orange Wednesdays cinema deal[/tweet_dis]which provided free cinema tickets for loyal customers. The network said it will officially stop the deal on the 25th February, as more people start to watch films on mobile devices at home.

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For those who aren’t familiar, the Orange Wednesdays deal allowed customers to text ‘film’ to 241 in exchange for a code that got them two for one cinema tickets prices on Wednesdays. It first became available back in 2003, eventually including Pizza Express in the offer too – Orange has essentially been providing us with Wednesday night plans for the last decade.

Technology is changing and EE know it

EE say the move comes following statistics showing that ‘customers’ viewing habits have evolved’, which they say proves that it’s ‘time to move on’. The leading UK network says it’s working on a new customers entertainment rewards scheme to replace Orange Wednesdays – but it’s going to have to be pretty great to compete.

watching netflix

You can understand why EE made the move – more people than ever before are moving to streaming services like Netflix to watch the latest TV and films – but we can’t help but think it’s still going to leave huge numbers of people disappointed. After all, we can’t watch newly released blockbusters on Netflix straight away.

Is someone going to offer a similar deal?

Just because EE isn’t going to continue plans, it doesn’t mean that other companies won’t get involved. In fact, the Telegraph reported that CompareTheMarket is already looking to continue a similar cinema offer. It’s supposedly currently exploring ways to find a beneficial partnerships with the cinemas – so fingers crossed!

We’re still sad to see Orange Wednesdays go though. It’s the end of an era, don’t you think?

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