Nowadays our smartphones do pretty much anything, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Before our mobile phones got truly smart we had a range of other gadgets to keep us entertained – and let’s face it, sometimes you miss the simpler things. Well, if you’re looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane then you’ve come to the right place -[tweet_dis]here are our favourite retro 90s gadgets that we don’t think we’ll ever forget.[/tweet_dis]

Gameboy Colour

This has to be a good place to start, right? The Gameboy meant we no longer had to sit in front of the PC or TV whenever we wanted to play an interactive game. People loved it too – between this model and the original Gameboy, Nintendo sold over a whopping 118 million units within just weeks of its release.

gameboy colour retro 90s gadgets

So as far as retro gadgets go, it’s safe to say that this is one of the most successful. Despite only having more limited games at first, we bet you were all playing Pokémon and things by the end of it all. I’m sad to confess that you probably would have found me playing the Land Before Time – we couldn’t all be cool in the 90s.


We’re willing to bet that this is one of the first gadgets that popped into your mind when you opened this retro 90s tech post. Sure there was the Nano Pet too, and even the Giga Pet – but the Tamagotchi was undoubtedly the favourite in most cases.


In the 90s is was almost harder to find a school kid who didn’t own one of these, than track down one who did. This actually did lead to a lot of schools banning them though – resulting in heartbroken 90s kids all over the world having to leave their virtual pets without food. That is, unless you had a parent dedicated enough to feed your pet for you.

Tamagotchis are actually still going today you know, with LED screens and everything.

Sony Discman

Oh that’s right, we’re taking you right back now – further back than Sony’s Walkman even. Do you remember the Discman? When CD’s finally took off, everyone had one of these.

one of our favourite retro 90s gadgets the sony discmanWere they incredibly bulky to carry around? Sure. Did they skip each time you tripped or took a particularly bouncy step? Definitely. We all loved them nonetheless – although I bet you’re glad that smartphones are marginally smaller now, right?

Digital Assistants/ Pocket organisers

Believe it or not there was a time when we didn’t quite have smartphones, but we were already sick and tired of the old pen and paper. Enter personal digital assistants – these bad boys helped the modern office worker to organiser their life to some extent before things got really smart.

digital assistant

Unfortunately it didn’t take long for them to die out once mobile phones did start making their mark – but they certainly served their purpose at the time.

Nintendo 64

Having one of these would have made you the envy of all the kids down your road back in the 90s. Nintendo 64 and Super Mario was, and arguably still is, a winning combination – even if the consoles have seen a bit of an upgrade since then.

nintendo 64 one of the best retro 90s gadgets

Sony’s PlayStation offered some tough competition, especially with Crash came into play, but the Nintendo 64 was the favourite back in the day. It was just one of those gadgets that made the 90s awesome.


Whether you were a 90s kid, adult, parent or grandparent – we all knew someone who had one of these. The Poo-Chi kind of followed on from the success of Furbys, it was basically a totally interactive pet. When we say totally interactive, we mean as far as retro 90s gadgets go anyway.


Your Poo-Chi could sit, lie down, walk and even show you how it was feeling with its LED eyes. Arguably, it was also less creepy that Furby, so we’re grateful for that. We’re pretty sure that it was things like this that kept kids busy until smartphones and tablets took off – and that probably worked out cheaper for parents too.


It was Home Alone 2 that made this little retro 90s gadget a total hit. Apparently the device was created following mass demand from the young audience of this classic film. Everyone wanted to get their hands on one too.

retro 90s gadgets included the talkboy

The Talkboy Deluxe let you record whatever you like and play it back whenever you want – pretty advance stuff back in 1993. This model even had some of the sounds and lines from the actual film in, making it a bit of a novelty for fans.

Bop It

This is another one of those 90s gadgets that seemed to provide a bit of in between entertainment for us. Board games didn’t seem quite as fun, but mobile gaming hadn’t taken off – so something like this sat right in the middle.

bop it

It was loud, annoying and yet totally addictive – making it a household name across the UK in the 90s. Just like the Furby and Tamagotchi, the makers behind it all are still modernising it for use today, but we’re sure they’re not quite as popular now people are glued to those smartphones.

What was your favourite retro 90s gadget? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. You can catch some modern day tech news on our blog here too.

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