Sometimes it seems that most Apple fans are ready to buy EVERYTHING this manufacturer makes, even the terrible iPad Mini (see review), which actually isn’t the best tablet you can think of. Have you ever thought what would happen if Apple made not only phones and tablets, but other gadgets, too? Would they be as popular as the iPhones? Would people hurry to buy them as soon as they’re released?

Here are some concept gadgets that could have been made by Apple. Would you buy any of them if Apple really made them? How much would you be ready to pay for them?

Apple’s iWater is clean, simple, and perfectly overpriced, just like everything made by Apple. It comes with user-friendly interface, so it’s easy to drink, even if you’re going to drink it for the first time. From now on, nobody will ever buy Android Water or any other water.

You should drink Apple’s iWater right from its bottle or use the special iCups, designed to show you if your water is cold, warm or hot.

No gimmicks, just flavor – here’s what Apple’s ice cream (or iceCream!) would offer you. And of course it’s low-fat and low-cholesterol, made with the help of the latest technologies.

Keeping Apple’s iWater and iceCream in ordinary refrigerators isn’t cool enough, that’s why Apple could have made the revolutionary iceBox with built-in Apple TV and very sleek design.

Enhance your morning tea/coffee experience with Apple’s new iBrew!

The iRock with the Apple logo just sits there and makes you feel good. Plus it can hold down loose papers! A great gadget, definitely worth paying $500 for.

If Apple made boots, they’d be equipped with the latest navigation system and a couple of useful apps to count how many calories you burnt while running, and how fast and how much you should run to achieve your ideal weight.

And here’s what a tennis racquet made by Apple would look like. I guess athletes sponsored by Apple would also have to use such racquets, even if they’re not as effective as they’d like them to be.

The bike made by Apple would be only 11mm thick, with sleek design and lots of different built-in features and apps. But you’d be able to ride it only in special iParks so not to violate the license!

If Apple made other gadgets, it would definitely make fashion accessories, too. Apple’s sunglasses would use a revolutionary technology that would increase the resolution of the objects around you to 1080p and make the world look even better and brighter. I guess the iSight should have a digital zoom option, too.

If you don’t like walking and riding bikes, you could buy the super-expensive but very cool iCar. If only Apple made cars…

Planning a date? Don’t forget the special Apple perfume called iSmell designed for both him and her. It’s easily recognizable and it’ll definitely help you win the heart of your date.

Don’t forget about safety! Always keep Apple’s intellectual iCondoms (now with built-in memory!) at hand.

If you need another kind of safety, there’s the Apple iMacarov – it’ll help you protect yourself and your new iPhone 20S.

No comment.

The iToilet made by Apple is thin, hi-tech, and protected by patents. Oh, and it uses only the iWater!

What Apple products would you like to see? Feel free to share you ideas and anything you find below in our comments section!

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