future gadget concepts 2014 - the future of tech

How do you imagine the future of technology? A world full of robots, Google Glass and transparent phones?! 

We’ve all got our own ideas about what tech needs to do to make our lives easier, but some people have even designed how they want it to look. [tweet_dis]When it comes to future gadget concepts we’ve seen it all – check out our list of the top ten[/tweet_dis] below.

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1. High-Tech Mind-Reading Headband

Are we one step further towards total mind control? This futuristic gadget suggests so. The Muse headband goes around your forehead and behind your ears, so the sensors can help people to clear their mind of distractions.

high-tech mind-reading headband future concept gadgets

Creators say they want to help people refocus their minds to increase productivity and get that day-to-day stress out of our heads. It picks up brainwave information and sends it over to your smartphone – this way you can see whether you’re focused, calm, stressed, bothered or agitated.

As far as future gadget concepts go – we can see this one being extremely helpful.

2. Google’s Smart Contact Lens

Most of us can’t even get our hands on Google Glass yet, but it seems Google is already working on its next bit of innovative tech.

Google's smart contact lens gadget concept

A patent recently filed by Google suggests that it plans to create a Google Glass like smart contact lens. It states how the technology could be used to help the blind – by detecting if someone is approaching them and using facial recognition to tell them who’s approaching. It would also be able to recognise if someone was approaching a road.  The lens would let people know by sending a notification to their smartphones – which would instantly tell them what’s going on.

When you think about it, these amazing future gadgets could be used for some serious good.

3. PrioVR Virtual Reality Gaming Suit

If you love gaming, then you’re going to absolutely love the PrioVR virtual reality gaming suit.

prioVR virtual reality suit - exciting future gadget concept

Amazing gadgets like Oculus Rift already exist to help you get your head totally inside the game, but the people behind PrioVR want to completely transfer your body into the game too.

The virtual reality suit has nine sensors which are all attached to your body, along with two joysticks which control your movements and actions. Basically, however you move your body would be mirrored in the video game – like you’re actually inside the game. At the moment it’s still very much a prototype – but it’s exciting to see what the future holds for video game addicts.

4. Apple’s Hologram Phone

Google isn’t the only one working on seriously innovative tech, Apple’s latest patent suggests that the giant is working on an interactive 3D hologram concept for future gadgets.

apple hologram patent

Amazon recently revealed its hologram phone too, but Apple’s idea would certainly take future iPhones to the next level. The patent suggests that people would be able to see a 3D hologram from their device and be able to control it by swiping, pinching or sliding the 3D image with their hands.

It could be a while until this kind of technology hits the shelves – and the secrecy surrounding Apple products means we have no idea when it will – but it’s good to know that someone’s working on it.

5. Self-lacing Back to The Future Shoes

According to a designer from Nike, we should be seeing self-lacing shoes, like those from the Back to the Future II, as soon as 2014 – and this is something that our inner geeks’ cannot wait to witness.

We need these Back to the Future concept shoes in our life!

Nike already auctioned off Back to the Future shoe replicas back in 2011, in a bid to raise money for charity. They featured a glowing LED panel and certainly looked the part but there was one aspect still missing – they will weren’t self-lacing. Fingers crossed for next year, then!

6. Fin ring

Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, concept gadget Fin made quite the impression on the experts.

fin ring gadget concept

The ring connects to your smartphone, TV and other devices by bluetooth – turning your hand into a wireless controller for these gadgets. It’s worn on your thumb and uses sensors to detect movements like swipes and taps. For example, you’d e able to control your smartphone’s volume by swiping your thumb down your finger – pretty cool stuff.

8. Road Rage Detecting Steering Wheel

Facial recognition technology means that researchers are actually now looking into ways to make our roads safer. Everyone gets a bit riled up behind the wheel now and then, and the creators believe that this means we can be less attentive to the roads.

road rage steering wheel concept

This new technology would be able to detect anger and disgust and it would tell you to take a break. We probably all need a little reminder now and then after all. Some people think it’s a bit of an intrusion of privacy though and they worry how else the technology would be used – could it mean we’re not able to switch our cars on some days?!

9. Micro Phone

Let’s face it, smartphones are just getting bigger and bigger and that isn’t always practical when you’re out and about. So here’s the Micro Phone – a phone which is about the same size as a credit card, if a little bulkier.

micro phone smartphone concept

This device is a tracker, locator and it even has bluetooth, which is impressive for something so small. The idea is that you could use this as a travel phone, or give it to your kids so you can work out where they are.

10. Floating Cloud Sofa Concept

So this is our absolute favourite future gadget concept of all time, ever! [tweet_dis]It’s a magnetic, floating, reclining cloud seat which hovers above the ground. Mind = blown.[/tweet_dis]

floating cloud magnetic sofa concept

We have been dreaming about this and we want it to happen now. Someone needs to make this asap!

Which one of these is your favourite? What would you like to see from future technology? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. You can catch the hottest technology news here and here too.

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