Google's smart contact lens concept

Google has just revealed its smart contact lens, which could help diabetics to measure their glucose levels.

When we say ‘smart contact lens’ – we should point out that this isn’t quite the in-eye version of Google Glass, but it does suggest that the manufacturer could be heading in that direction. Google is currently testing prototypes of the lenses – which use wireless chips and a tiny sensor, in between two layers of the lens, to measure glucose levels in people with diabetes.

The funcitionality comes from the scientific idea that body fluids such as tears can actually be really helpful in keeping an eye on glucose levels – but unless you can cry on tap, it isn’t quite such an easy method. Even more impressively, the sensor can measure around one reading per second and Google are working on an LED light to put in the lens which would let patients know when their glucose levels aren’t quite right. The lens wouldn’t look to perculiar either, as the sensors are so small people may not even notice they are there.

Smart contact lens technology could be hugely beneficial

Smart contact lens technology could be hugely beneficial. Image source: Daily Mail.

Hopefully, with a little bit of help from the FDA, Google can make these prototypes a reality – showing how smart technology can have impressive functionality for real-life issues. Google hopes to be able to develop apps which would have functionality like sharing the sensor measurements with the lens users as well as their doctor.

This isn’t the first time that such technology has risen up on the medical scene (Microsoft even had a pop at it) – but we haven’t actually seen any come up on the market. Experts hope that with a bit of a push, from a company with such huge influence as Google, could actually make it all a reality.

Before now, there have been many reports on the evolution of Google Glass, and how they hope to make it more functional and fashionable for everyday wearers. But, if you ask us, it’s nice to know that brains such as those at Google are also looking for ways to make their technology really be a benefit to human health.

Source: TechCrunch

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