Bob Marley once said that when music hits you, you feel no pain. Music expresses what you feel not just in words but in the melody and the tune.

Listening to your favorite music when you are on the road is relaxing and calming on the nerves, especially if you are in heavy traffic – which is probably why your car stereo will definitely be blaring when you are driving along in your car.

Before now, the radio was one of the only ways to bring music into your car. You had to tune in to your favorite radio station and wait for your favorite song to come along. Even if you call in a request for your favorite song, you still have to wait for the DJ to get to your request before you hear it on the radio. Obviously CDs help, but lugging these things in your car is a bit of a pain.

The alternative to CDs

If you don’t want the added bulk of a music player in your bag, why not store your music in your Android phone instead?

This way you only have to carry this device with you – and we’ve got the tips to allow you to connect it to your car. You’ll have your favorite music blaring in no time.


The built in Bluetooth option in the latest car stereos today are a blessing to music lovers. All you need to do is find a fall proof compartment in your car to put your phone in. First, you have to activate the Bluetooth in your car stereo. Set it to discoverable so that your phone can pick up the signal during connectivity. Then, on your phone, look for the Bluetooth connectivity setting and activate it. Your phone will then search for any active Bluetooth devices near it such as your car stereo.

You’ll know if the devices have paired up once you see your device in your phone. Select the pair setting and you’re good to go. The good news is that once you have paired both devices, you don’t need to repeat this again in the future. The Bluetooth option in your car stereo and in your phone recognises other devices they have recently paired up with. But battery life will surely be diminished when you use this type of connection so make sure that you charge your unit beforehand. You might also need to bring a charger with you.

Additional ways to connect

You can also opt to connect your Android phone via a USB cable. When using a USB cable, your android handset will then be recognized as a USB mass storage device. Simply scroll to the folder where you keep your songs and play it on your car stereo. Note that you cannot use streaming apps that play music on your phone with this type of connection. The USB cable only looks for files in your phone storage.


An FM transmitter will also be a great way to get your music onto your car stereo. Some Android phones already have built in fm transmitters, which you only need to turn on – then your music will be broadcasted to your car stereo through a special fm channel. If your Android phone does not have this functionality, you can simply buy an fm broadcaster or an FM transmitter and connect it to your Android phone.

Lastly, you can make use of the analogue cable. The analogue cable connects your android phone via the earphone jack to the line in jack on your car stereo. if your car stereo does not have this line in jack, you can purchase a cassette adapter which also has a jack that connects to the earphone jack of your phone.

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