Recycling your old mobile phone is a great way to make some extra cash – but there are some that just can’t be sent in. Some broken devices are simply too damaged, beyond repair – and this includes water damaged phones. The common misconception with water damage is that you have to drop a mobile phone down the toilet, in a sink or just completely submerge it in a swimming pool to cause it. Many assume that if you can get your phone to work again then the damage has been completely reversed – but unfortunately this isn’t quite true.

There’s a white sensor inside all mobiles phones, and if this turns red your phone will be seen as water damaged. This can be caused by sweat, a little sprinkle of water that has got through or if the phone is completely submerged and as the recyclers have no way of knowing, they won’t pay out any money for it.

In this video, Richard from Money4Machines explains how to tell if your phone  is water damaged – so that you know what to expect before you send your phone in.


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