With your new mobile phone in hand, your thoughts will be turning to what to do with your old one. You probably already know that if it’s in reasonable working condition then you can sell it to a recycler and get a little money back. But you may find yourself asking, “Is it worth recycling a broken/non-working mobile phone?” The answer is a definite “Yes”.


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There are two reasons for this. First, most phone recycling companies will pay you at least something for a broken/non-working phone. And, second, by recycling the phone you will be protecting the environment. Mobile phones contain all manner of non-degradable and potentially toxic substances so they need to be disposed of properly to avoid environmental contamination.

Of course, you will need to know if a mobile recycling company will consider your mobile phone to be in working or non-working condition because obviously there will be a difference in the price it is prepared to offer you.

Basically, to be considered as working, a phone should be able to function normally. You must be able to turn it on and off and its screen must be clear and undamaged. The phone’s battery should also be included. Small bangs and scrapes that are the result of normal everyday use are acceptable as long as the overall condition is reasonable.


If you can’t turn on your mobile phone, then it is considered to be non-working. If it has any broken vital parts such as the screen, aerial, speaker or microphone, then it is also considered to be non-working. Any of these defects will render your phone classified as non-workable, and reduce its value to the recycler.


Basically, if the phone can be used and is still working, then the phone buyer will treat it as that and give you money accordingly. If the phone isn’t working, then you could still get paid up to 90% of a working phone. Make sure that once you have chosen the phone buyer that you will sell your phone to, it’s advisable to double check their Terms & Conditions because the definitions above are just a general guide.

Most mobile phone recyclers will give you money for broken/non-working phone but their rates are not high. Although in some cases, they will offer up to 80% or 90% of the working price, generally they will offer less than half. A quick way to find a rough price for your old mobile is to go to a site like comparemymobile.com that will list makes and models of phones and compare the prices being offered by various recyclers.


But even if your broken/non-working phone isn’t worth a penny, it is still worth recycling. The point is that mobile phones contain materials that can be hazardous if they are simply dumped. They usually contain materials known as heavy metals that are particularly toxic. These include the likes of antimony, lead and beryllium. One of the most toxic is cadmium, which is a common ingredient found in rechargeable batteries. The casing of mobile phones is also usually a plastic material that won’t decompose. If you take your old mobile for recycling, these potentially harmful materials can be safely removed and put to good use again.

So, is it worth receiving money for recycling a broken/non-working mobile phone? Most definitely it is. Not only might you get some financial benefit, you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

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