We all see those Mazuma Mobile adverts on TV – offering money for your old mobile phone whether it’s in working condition or not. Human instinct leads us to think that there must be a scam – surely it isn’t that easy to make some extra cash?

Many people use Mazuma Mobile having seen those catchy adverts. But can you really trust them? Is there a Mazuma Mobile Scam? We had a little dig around to get the facts for you.

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10 vital facts which prove that Mazuma Mobile is a trustworthy gadget recycler

So let’s get down to it… is there a Mazuma Mobile scam or is it all fiction?

  1. Of the tens of thousands of Mazuma transactions that have been processed through our site, we get the fewest number of complaints about them compared to other recyclers.

  2. They have a score of 10 out of 10 on CompareMyMobile, based on pricing, speed and customer satisfaction.

  3. Mazuma Mobile has a score of 9.7 out of 10 on Trust Pilot where you can find over thousands consumer reviews.

  4. Mazuma Mobile has a score of 9.8 out of 10 on Trust Pilot where you can find over 82,000 consumer reviews.

  5. They won ‘Best Recycling Service’ at the What Mobile Awards 2012 and 2013. They were runners up in 2015.

  6. The site promise to pay you on the same day they receive your phone after they’ve tested it.

  7. Mazuma have a Data Delete Tool Service that is completely free to use, allowing you to ensure your personal information is wiped. But, just to be extra safe, they will perform a data wipe too.

  8. They don’t accept stolen phones and are part of the fight again mobile phone theft.

  9. If you are not happy with a re-quote you receive from Mazuma Mobile because your phone is damaged, they will send your phone back to you completely free of charge.

  10. Mazuma promise to re-use 95% of mobile phones that are sent to them as a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility and are also accredited by the Environmental Management System.

How to start your mobile phone recycling process with Mazuma Mobile

Recycling your old gadgets can seem a strange concept if it’s your first time, but Mazuma actually make it easy. If you visit their website you can use the bar at the top of the page to search for your phone’s make and model and receive an instant quote for your phone.


If your phone is broken or has a cracked screen, the quote you receive won’t be as good as the one for a working handset but it’s always best to be honest. If you tell them it’s working and send in a broken phone they will send you a re-quote anyway.

When you have decided to accept the price and chosen your payment method, Mazuma will send you a Royal Mail freepost envelope for you to post your device in. We would always recommend going to the post office and sending it Special Delivery if the phone is worth a lot of money, as you are then covered to a higher value if it goes missing the post! This might cost more now, but if your phone is worth a few hundred pounds then it is worth it.

You should also follow Mazuma’s Data Delete Tool to wipe your personal information from the phone before sending it off.

Once received, Mazuma will test your phone, wipe any data left on there, destroy any received SIM cards and make sure it’s the quality you said it would be, before sending your payment via the method you have previously chosen.

Mazuma have also passed the required legislationGadget recycling is a serious business, which means it isn’t just anyone that can suddenly join the field. The government has standards that recyclers have to adhere to in order to become accredited, and Mazuma Mobile is just one of the companies that has made the cut. This is also one of the reasons it is such a popular brand.

It is part of the Telecomm group and is one of the leading re-use facilities in Europe – recycling an average of 150,000 mobile phones per month.

Does CompareMyMobile recommend Mazuma Mobile?

In one word – YES! Mazuma is a reputable company that has tens of thousands of happy customers. You can even rest assured that your phone will go on to good things, as some mobile phones go on to be sold in developing countries, providing a necessary means of communication to those who don’t have landlines.

To see how you can get the most money for your phone, check out our website now – there are lots of reliable on the recyclers on the site so be sure to check out the consumer reviews before you decide who to choose. If Mazuma are your top choice, then hopefully this article has proved to you that they are a reliable company to deal with!

Do you have more questions? Not to worry, you can comment below, on our wall, tweet us or even feel free to have a chat over at Google Plus. Our industry experts will make sure you recycling process goes smoothly.

Can you really get that much cash for phones?

Here at CompareMyMobile we’re aware that some people don’t get as much money as they might like for their old phone, but this is usually an small proportion of people (e.g. 1 in 1,000’s) who send in phones that don’t meet the standards Mazuma are expecting. These people are usually sending water damaged or broken phones on the off chance they get full value. Here’s the thing – Mazuma are the best, hands down, and there is NO sting or scam with their service. You can tell because their customers stay loyal. However, it’s always best to check the terms and conditions with each recycler – to see what counts as a working or non-working handset.

Fully working phones with no damage will receive the full amount. You will receive a re-quote and less money for a non-working or seriously damaged device. For more information on selling broken or damaged phones, check out our page here.


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