Apple really, really wants everyone to be using its latest operating system, and once you’ve updated there’s no going back.

As of Friday 26th[tweet_dis]downgrading from iOS 8 is no longer an option[/tweet_dis]- so those hoping to get a speedier experience on their old phones by going back to iOS 7 won’t be able to do it.

The move comes as many tech experts have urged people with old iPhones to stick with iOS 7 until the updated operating system is better optimised for their devices. Users were able to downgrade before last Friday, but Apple is now no longer signing the older version – and those who try to downgrade using iTunes will actually just be forced to get the newer version instead.

Why wouldn’t you want iOS 8?

iOS 8 is actually a great update, especially following the fixes provided in iOS 8.0.2, but we’re not surprised that people are wary following Apple’s botched start. iOS 8.0.1 actually rendered some iPhone models useless – leaving people unable to make or receive calls – but that’s all fixed now.

iPhone 4S slow iOS 8

This isn’t the only reason people have been wary though – it’s also been reported that much older devices, such as the iPhone 4S, are extremely slow and sometimes unstable running the latest version of iOS 8.

There are still many reasons you DO want iOS 8 though!

Seriously, this doesn’t mean we’re against iOS 8. Apple’s new operating system brings many innovative features with it, and you’re going to want to make the most of them if you own one of the tech giant’s newer models.

Apple healthkit iOS 8

Via Apple Insider.

We’ve seen updates to the messaging app, improved camera technology, new HealthKit app features and iCloud updates which mean improved security for your iPhone if it’s stolen.

Of course, Apple’s new iOS 8 version will work best with its latest devices – if you’re thinking about getting the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can find everything you need to know about them here.

Have you got iOS 8 on an older iPhone model? Is your device running slowly? Let us know by tweeting us or writing on our wall. You can catch more Apple news here too.

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  1. opaqueentity

    I have a 4 and would not consider installing it. So I’ve ordered a 6 instead 😉

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