Recycle laptops and earn cash while helping the environment

It is estimated that 2 million personal computers and laptops that are discarded without thought eventually end up in landfills; and that is on a yearly basis. Comparatively speaking, this is just a small percentage of the estimated over a million tones of electrical gadgets thrown away in the UK alone. To this concern, the solution is clear: laptop recycling.



A Good Reason for the Need to Recycle

Throwing your old laptop in the bin is definitely not the best option for you both financially and environmentally. Manufacturing these items is already ten times equal to the items’ weight in terms of energy, chemical and fuels. That alone is already going to affect changes in climate significantly. If they end up in landfills, the more damage they can create because these items contain heavy metals and combustible materials that are toxic and dangerous.

The more laptops are bought, the more the number of old and unwanted laptops increase, the more threat to the environment. However, when you opt for laptop recycling for cash, not only do you do your share to ease the burden on the environment’s state, you reward yourself with easy cash.


Laptop Recycling with the Right Company

In the UK, the best company that offers laptop recycling for cash is Money4Machines. They also offer cash for other devices like mp3 players, sat navs and mobile phones. The recycling company is rated very well on this site and we have had no complaints as yet regarding their services, a leading recycling firm in Europe, supports Money4Machines.

A laptop recycling comparison will tell you that not only does Money4Machines offer competitive prices; they also offer cash for nearly all types of laptops such as Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, Fujitsu, Samsung, IBM and many more.


The Methods to Recycle Laptops Are Easy


  • When you go to site of Money4Machines, a search box allows you to search for same laptop as that you own and wish to recycle.
  • After finding the model of the laptop that you want to sell, you will be asked to put in the description of the condition your old laptop is in and grade it excellent, good, acceptable, poor or broken. You can get more information about grading your laptop by clicking on a link provided.
  • A price offer will be shown after you have given your laptop the kind of grade according to its condition and should you accept the offered amount, put item to your basket and continue through the checkout.
  • After your order submission, a courier will come to pick up the laptop, free of charge.
  • Upon your receipt of the laptop you sent, it will go through a process of checking over. Next, you will receive your payment sent to you via your chosen payment option: cheque or bank transfer, within 7 days.



Laptop Recycling with CompareMyMobile

While there are several sites that offer cash for recycling electronic gadgets, there is one that offers laptop recycling for cash but exclusively for Apple Laptops and that, find it on CompareMyMobile.

They buy different Apple laptops that include Macbook and Macbook Pro for which the offer is up to £975 for a 17”, £592 for a Macbook Air, iBook – both G3 and G4. CompareMyMobile featured recyclers accept both working and non-working Apple laptops.

Courier collection for free is for laptop trading worth more than £25.

Getting Payments from SpeedSell

The payment options with the recyclers featured on Sell laptops, Compare Great Prices are cash payment vial PayPal or cheque processed and sent within 4 days of receipt of your laptop.



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