One thing’s for sure when you’re a student: money is always tight. Whether it’s scraping together the last dregs of the student loan to cover the household bills, or even the odd pint or two, keeping an eye on your pennies is something that becomes second nature when you’re at university or college.

So why not save yourself from the stress of having no dosh by downloading some of these top money saving apps ideal for students. What’s more, they’re all free!

Compare My Mobile

The Compare My Mobile app is another great app for earning a bit of cash when you’re struggling towards the end of term. If you’ve just upgraded to a new mobile phone contract, or have odd pieces of tech lying around, why not turn it into cash?

Available on Apple and Android, Compare My Mobile allows you to search for a devices trade in value, enabling you to save the device for later to see how it depreciates in value over time. The app compares all of the big and small name recycling companies like Mazuma Mobile, Envirofone and MobilePhoneXchange, to help you find the best deal for your unwanted gadgets.



When you’re ready to sell, simply enter your address into the app and you will receive a pack with free return postage in order to send your phone, computer or tablet to the appropriate recycling joint.

What’s the use in your unwanted tech just sitting there when it could be making you some dosh?!

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Mint is, and has been voted, the best money saving app on the market. The app, which is free to download from both the Apple and Android app stores, pools together all of your financial accounts, including current and savings accounts, as well as credit cards, allowing you to view all of your in-goings and outgoings in one simple to read dashboard.


You can even set the app up to send you notifications when a bill or payment is due to come out of your account, allowing you to move funds around accordingly, and avoiding that shock when you finally get round to checking your bank balance!

Because Mint is password protected, all of your financial details are safe and secure. If you were to lose your phone or tablet for whatever reason (maybe after drinking a few too many..!), simply access the app on another device and deactivate your account from your lost phone in one simple click.

0800 wizard

There’s nothing worse than the stress of moving into, or out of, a student house. As if packing up boxes, cleaning the oven and hiding the damaged carpet isn’t enough, having to make expensive calls to pay final household bills is another chore you could do without.


So while this app won’t make the job any easier, it sure will make it cheaper. Most utility companies will try and charge a bomb just for calling- and usually waiting for ten minutes while a cheesy cover of ‘Man I feel Like a Woman’ plays on repeat in the background- to cancel your contracts. That’s where 0800 Wizard comes in.

0800 Wizard is again a free app for Android and iOS devices which enables you to call expensive 0800 phone numbers for free from your mobile. Simply open the app and type in the 0800, 0805 or 0500 number on your handset and the app will convert the digits into a mobile number which simply deducts from your monthly minutes plan.


Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the finer things in life, like slap up meals and fun days out. But with the app, you no longer have to feel guilty about spending those extra few pennies on having a good time.


Browse through restaurants, days out and shopping deals which can all provide you with money off vouchers. Simply select the voucher that you want, and the app will show you a list of the nearest locations where you can redeem the voucher. The best thing is that many of the vouchers are only valid during week days, which is perfect for students without a 6.30 wakeup call the next morning!


Last but not least is RedLaser, another free app available to download to iOs, Android and Windows Phone devices.

The app essentially becomes your best friend when it comes to shopping; simply use your phone’s QR code scanner to scan products’ barcodes, and the app will show you other shops in your location that sell it cheaper, helping you to save money.


So whether you’re looking to buy a new laptop or even a carton of Ben and Jerry’s, RedLaser will enable you to save a few pounds without even lifting a finger!

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