stuck in drain iphone

We think its OK to laugh at this situation really, especially since the girl is actually alright.

Firefighters were called to save 16-year-old Ella Birchenough who got stuck in a drain while trying to save her precious smartphone. All we can say is that Ella must be really love that iPhone.

After failing to put the phone in her pocket and instead dropping it into the depths of the drain in Dover, [tweet_dis]she became stuck in the drain while trying to get the phone out with her feet.[/tweet_dis] Seeing as the drain was reportedly only a foot-and-a-half in width both ways, witnesses say they aren’t really sure how she thought she was going to manage it all really.

Ella has reportedly only got the phone on contract two weeks before, so was pretty determined not to let is all go to waste. Neighbours called the emergency services when they saw her become stuck.

iPhone drain

We’ve all had pretty close encounters like this when it comes to dropping our phone, although we’re not quite sure we’d be the first person hopping into a drain if it was us. Apparently Ella’s effort were in vain anyway, as the phone turn out to be completely broken.

Fortunately, Ella was completely fine and her main concern after was getting any drain grime off of her as soon as possible. We’ve heard far worse stories of people trying to save their smartphones that haven’t ended in such a good way.

Would you send yourself down a drain to retrieve a dropped smartphone? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. You can catch more weird news from the tech world here too. Main image from PA.

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