What Happens When Phone Recycling Companies Receive Your Phone?

With all the publicity about the need to recycle and the potential harmful effects on the environment of simply dumping products like mobile phones, it is probably fair to say that, if you are planning to buy a new mobile phone, then you will be looking at how to recycle your old one. It makes good sense regarding environmental protection and might net you a little cash to boot.

Recycling your old mobile is a simple process. Most phone recycling companies in the UK are Internet-based so all you need to do is sit down at your computer for a few minutes and check what they have to offer. The quickest way is to use a comparison site first to find the best deal on your phone.

All you have to do is search the site for your old mobile’s make and model and enter the requested details. The recycler will make you an offer (valid for up to 14 days depending on the company) based on the information you supply and you can choose to accept or reject it. If you accept, most companies will send you a Freepost bag or printed labels so that you can post your phone to them. (It is often worthwhile paying a bit extra for recorded delivery so that you can confirm if your phone has reached its destination.)

So, what is the process when the phone recycling company receives your phone? Well, most companies work in a very similar way. Once it has received your mobile phone, the recycling company will usually check that the details you gave match the telephone and check that the phone has not been reported stolen. If the details match and the phone’s description is as described, then you can expect to be paid straight away; some companies need two or three days to carry out their checks, hence the delay in payment. If the phone’s condition is not as good as you described, the phone recycling company will amend its offer. If you aren’t happy, most will return your phone free of charge. If your mobile is found to have been stolen, the recycler will report the matter to the Police and you will not be paid.

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The mobile recycling company will now assess what is the best way to handle your old phone. If it is a fairly new model in good cosmetic condition and in excellent working order, chances are that the recycler will clean it up and offer it for resale in the UK. An older model phone in good condition will probably be sold on to markets in the developing world. A phone that has minor damage or has minor defects that can easily be repaired at will also most likely be refurbished and sold on overseas, provided that resale price justifies the cost of repair.

If your phone is damaged beyond economical repair, then it might well be dismantled and its usable parts match with other damaged phones to produce a working phone. Otherwise the phone will be sent on for proper disposal. Usually this means a plant that can retrieve the precious metals like gold and silver that all mobiles contain in small quantities and extract the potentially toxic rare earth metals such as cadmium that are found in mobile phones. Plastic components are also removed for recycling before what remains is dumped.

So there you have it: a brief outline of what happens when a phone recycling company receives your phone.

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