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We could be seeing competitive displays of robot technology in 2020 – in the world’s first Robot Olympics.

Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, says he hopes [tweet_dis]Japan will host the first Robot Olympics in 2020 – alongside the actual summer games.[/tweet_dis]

robot olympic games

Via Slate.

Discussing the creation of a ‘robotic revolution’, Abe said he wants to ‘gather all the world’s robots’ in an event where they can all compete using their technical skills. He believes this would increase the value seen in the robotics industry, boost the nation’s economy over coming years and encourage people to sign up for the robot factory workforce.

What events would be listed at the Robot Olympics?

It doesn’t look like the Prime Minister knows exactly what he wants just yet. But reportedly, he’s keen to show off the technical talents of robots which focus on care or industrial uses. For example, he’s particularly keen on a robot bed that morphs into a wheelchair – which sounds like a pretty great idea to us.

robots helping humans

Via humansarefree.

So it’s not like this event is for people who want to see robots fight each other – it’s actually being created with the thought of doing some serious good.

Robot technology so far

With reports stating that robots could take over many human jobs in the future (apparently 47 percent of the labour market in the US could be overtaken by technology, and 702 human jobs are now threatened by non-humans) – it’s safe to say that robots are capable of an awful lot.

The Baxter robot by Rethink Robotics can already learn from human factory supervisors, and Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are apparently working on a robot that thinks like a person. We think that one’s kind of freaky.

autom robot

The robot that helps you lose weight. Via Gizmorati.

You might be more familiar with consumer robots right now though. For example, diet robot Autom helps people to lose weight and this robot can tell how you’re feeling. It could be interesting to see what Japan’s 2020 Robot Olympics has to offer.

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