Most of us are always keeping an eye out for the latest handset on the best deal – but that doesn’t go for all of us. The sickeningly rich out there have other options, but just how much is too much to spend on a phone?

Here’s our list of some of the most expensive and extravagant phones out there. A couple of these feature in our ugliest phones of all time too, as it appears money doesn’t always mean you look good.

iPhone 5 Black Diamond - £10 million

Reported about last week, this is the newest edition to our most expensive phones list. The iPhone 5 Black Diamond was designed by UK based Stuart Hughes, who was commissioned to do so by an unnamed wealthy Chinese businessman. With lots of solid gold and black and white diamonds this one chimes in at around £10 million.

iPhone 4S Elite Gold - £6,000,000

With the latest iPhone one of the more expensive handsets on the market generally, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the top two most expensive slots go to Apple. This one boasts a 24 carat gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds. The main navigation also holds a single cut 8.6 carat diamond which can also be replaced by the included pink diamond if you so feel the need.

iPhone Diamond Rose edition - £5,000,000

Yes, you guessed it – another Stuart Hughes design in the most expensive phone in the world list. This one has 500 individual diamonds and a single cut pink diamond which centres the navigation. One for the ridiculously rich pink lovers out there.

iPhone 3G Kings Button - £1,790,000

Stuart Hughes isn’t the only designer taking a shot at luxury iPhones. Peter Aloisson also came up with this diamond design made of 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold. It’s no surprise that this still comes with a whopping price tag then, even if it isn’t the latest model.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone - £827, 060

I know what you’re thinking – more diamonds?! It appears the rich in the world can’t get enough of them in our expensive mobiles list. This Peter Aloisson design has 78 diamonds, as well as other sparkly features like platinum and gold covering the device.

GoldVish LeMillion – £540,540

Back in 2006 when GoldVish, a Swiss brand, made the LeMillion it was declared the most expensive phone on the market. Looking at it we’re not sure why people would want to buy it - this is also one of the phones that made our ugliest list. But designer Emmanuel Gueit is quoted as saying it featured 120 carats of diamonds, so that could be why.

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond £162,162

Available from VIPN, this Sony Ericsson comes with a pretty hefty price tag – especially seeing as it doesn’t appear to have the glitz and glamour of the other phones we’ve listed (although in my opinion that isn’t really a bad thing). Apparently the price tag comes from black diamonds and a mirror finish with what were some pretty high tech features. Only five of them were ever made though.

Vertu Signature Cobra - £167,157

Priced at $310,000 dollars, this is how much the Vertu Bucheron Cobra would cost in the UK. As pointed out in our list of ugly phones, luckily only a few of these were ever actually made. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who would want a diamond gold snake framing their phone, have you?

Nokia 8800 Arte Pink - £87,915

This is another option for the ridiculously rich pink-lovers out there. Reported to be $134,000 this model is made up of solid 18 carat white gold – which is then covered in pink and white diamonds.

Ulyssee Nardin’s the Chairman – £8,600 - £33,000

Ok, this one is definitely more sophisticated than shiny (although it still is a fair bit of that too). A couple of years ago this was given the Guinness World Record for being the most expensive phone that’s commercially available in the world. This one contains a self-winding rotator mechanism, which supplies back up energy just in case your phone dies which is a pretty useful quality. The price tag really depends on how shiny you actually want it to be.


Think we’ve missed any? Tweet the name and picture of the phone to us and we’ll add it to our gallery.

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