Just recently we heard the tragic story of a man who was killed, and his wife injured, following an argument after he used his mobile phone to text in a cinema.

Chad Oulsen, 43, was killed by ex-officer Curtis Reeves, 71, in a cinema in Florida after the victim was texting on his mobile phone. Oulsen said he was texting his three-year-old daughter at the time – but Reeves, not satisfied with this answer, went to get a manager. He returned without one and witnesses say the argument  started again briefly, before a shot was fired. The victim’s wife was also injured, as she put her hand over her husband just as he was shot.

When it comes down to it – a man, who had pretty passionate feelings about mobile phone etiquette, shot another man – which is quite a scary thought.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of death related to a mobile phone. Strong feelings towards smartphones are actually resulting in deaths which just wouldn’t have happened before the smart tech era.  In fact, in some instances people are actually dying or risking their lives in an attempt to save their phone, and we’ve got some terrifying examples below. We don’t know about you, but in our eyes it’s never worth it. Here are the [tweet_dis]4 more tragic ways people died for their phone.[/tweet_dis]

Man dies after going back into burning house to get phone

Just last month we heard how one many ran back into his burning home to save his Xbox – which didn’t seem like the wisest idea, even if he did make it out alive. Unfortunately, a man in Texas did not have so much luck when he ran back in to get his phone.

Image from FireScotland.

Image from FireScotland.

This Thursday saw the man’s house catch fire – and initially all three adults in the house made it out alive and the neighbours called the fire brigade. However, unaware of this action by his neighbours, the man headed back in to get his phone – apparently so he could call the emergency services himself. He headed back in with another friend, however this friend came out of the house alone. Despite the fire services arriving within three minutes of being called, the man died in his burning home.

Brother killed over Flappy Bird score

We’ve all heard or experienced the fact that overnight-hit game Flappy Birds is frustratingly addictive and competitive – but it seems one man found it so frustrating, that he killed his brother over the score.

flappy birds

16-year-old Gary Wright, from Chicago, stabbed his 17-year-old brother Jaban Wright 17 times following an argument over Jaban’s Flappy Bird score of 17. Reportedly, Jaban was teasing brother Gary due to his lower score of 6. Gary called the police immediately after the stabbing, to turn himself in. Site Geek Click reported Gary as saying “Anyone who has played that game would know why I did it.”

Would they? We’re not so sure. With reports like this emerging, it’s no surprise that creator of the game, Don Nguyen, has taken the game offline.

UPDATE: We’ve since heard that this could be a hoax – and we kind of hope it is! The original source of the story is a website known for mixing serious news in with humour – so it’s hard to know what’s what at the moment.

Man killed by train after jumping on tracks to get mobile phone

Most people wouldn’t consider stepping foot on railway tracks at a train station for any reason, but in a moment where one man thought he might not be reunited with his mobile phone – that’s just what he did.

Train users are advised to alert an official if they drop something on the tracks. Image via.

Train users are advised to alert an official if they drop something on the tracks. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Cnet reports that a 22-year-old man jumped down on to the track at White Plains Toad and East 241st Street, in New York, to retrieve his phone – he was then hit by the no. 2 train. Witnesses at the scene said that it ‘seemed like a crazy thing to do’ – with one speculating that he might have even been trying to commit suicide. That makes one thing clear, the man must have known it was a risk.

A local coffee shop worker said that people are advised to notify someone if they drop something valuable on the tracks – instead of trying to retrieve it themselves. Smartphones are replaceable, and this is a huge reminder of how life is not. Not everyone can be lucky enough to be saved like this woman.

Man electrocuted on Subway tracks after trying to save his smartphone

There might not have been a train coming when this man tried to retrieve the smartphone he’d dropped on the subway tracks – but oncoming trains are not the only risk.

Trains aren't the only danger on tracks. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Trains aren’t the only danger on tracks. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

When a man waiting for the subway in New York dropped his smartphone on to the tracks, he was electrocuted during his efforts to get it back. The Daily Mail reported that he was killed when he made contact with the electric ‘third rail – which packs a deadly 625 volts.

Again, subway authorities say there are audio announcements and a number of signs warning people not to retrieve dropped mobile phones from tracks.

Man and woman die after falling in river trying to save smartphone

This is one of the most recent tragic stories to hit the headlines – not only did a man die in his attempt to retrieve his smartphone near a river, but his friend died going in after to save him.

Chicago river was partially frozen recently. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Chicago river was partially frozen recently. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Last week it was reported that 26-year-old Ken Hoang climbed a fence by the Chicago river after he dropped his mobile phone into the partially frozen bit of water. After falling through the ice he found himself stuck, as did the two friends who went in after him in a bid to save his life. The woman, 21-year-old Lauren Li also became trapped and is still missing – while 23-year-old Quoc-Viet Phan Hoang is now in a stable condition in hospital.

Two lives lost for one water damaged phone is a truly tragic story.

It’s never, ever worth your life

I suppose our message is this – it’s never, ever worth it. No phone is worth someone’s life, although I’m sure we don’t need to tell any of you that. It just seems that smartphones now mean so much to people that a moment of panic can turn into a truly tragic event, which is easily avoidable if you just remember this one thing – it’s just a phone. Losing a phone might be an inconvenience, but it’s replaceable and human life isn’t.

Get some insurance and stay safe people.

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