top car gadgets 2014

Does your car need an upgrade? We all feel a bit like that.

Whether you’ve got the latest set of wheels or just a little run around, there are gadgets out there that will make your car just great. From navigational tools to devices that just generally make your lives easier – [tweet_dis]here’s a list of the top car gadgets we’d recommend for 2014.[/tweet_dis]

TomTom Start 20

Sat navs are possibly one of the greatest car gadgets ever actually invented, from the point of view of someone who has no natural sense of direction (me) anyway!one of the best car gadgets out there

TomTom’s Start 20 might set you back a few pounds, but it’s the most up to date tech from a reputable brand – and you don’t want to be cheap on technology that’s telling you where you’re going.

Basically, it’s a quality device with Bluetooth capabilities that tells you traffic updates and shows you junction views, road names or even where those pesky speed cameras are. That’s all on an incredibly nice-looking, clear display too -so this is undoubtedly one of the best car gadgets out there.

Price: from around £85+

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Camera

If you love driving so much that you might even take your car with you on holiday, then the GroPro Hero3+ Camera is the top car gadget for you. This is the newest version available, and it’s perfect to attach to your car to capture all that scenery you’re driving through.

gopro hero 3 - top car gadgets

Up to date technology means that this gadget is great in low-light conditions as well, which is pretty great for summer evenings. No matter how fast your car’s going – it’ll pick up what you need in amazing quality.

Price: around £250.

BMW’s Night Vision

Ok so you do have to have a pretty good car for this one – BMW’s 5-Series has incredible Night Vision technology which is fun to look at if nothing else.

bmw night vision

Of course, it has its practicalities too. The Night Vision feature can show animals, people or whatever else is in your path of road up to 300 yards ahead – basically it acts as an extra pair of eyes at night. Reviews state that clarity and accuracy is better than on any other car.

Head-Up Display by Garmin

Are you easily distracted while driving? This could be the perfect remedy to those issues. Garmin’s Head-Up Display (HUD) projects all of your GPS information onto the windscreen within your line of sight.

amazing top car gadgets

Via techradar

Reviews state that the set-up is pretty painless and there are two different ways of viewing the display which is nice – unfortunately you only get one ‘reflective film’ though if you do mess things up, and you’ll need to spend a little more on the app to make it work.

Still – this is pretty high-tech and futuristic, and definitely deserves a place on our top car gadgets 2014 list.

Price: from £70 (+£30ish for the app)

AA Roadwatch Pro

Just in case you’re thinking- ‘why would I need all this when one of the smartest devices around is my phone’, we’ve got a few options to pimp your smartphone too.

aa roadwatch pro app

This AA Roadwatch Pro app is a cheap way to find out all of the latest traffic updates – it pulls information from TomTom to show any hold-ups you’re heading towards, so you know it’s all pretty accurate.

It’s not exactly the most high-tech thing we’ve written about here today – but for £1.99 annually on iOS, it’s worth having.

Passport MAX by Escort

If you’re driving somewhere completely new it’s hard to know exactly where those speed cameras are – and that’s where Escort’s Passport Max comes in as one of the best car gadgets out there.

passport gadgets for cars

Via electronista.

Unlike other competing technology, this device won’t be giving you false alerts all the time either, it now GPS marks false alerts so that it learns from its mistakes. It’s got a great detection range as well which sets it apart from the crowd.

The price does put some people off though – even after buying the device you’ll need to get another £50 cable, and a subscription to the defender database which costs around £30.

Price: Around £320 for the actual device.

SuperTooth HD

Hands-free always causes a bit of a debate as far as talking on the phone while driving goes – but it’s better to go hands-free than actually using your device, especially with amazing car technology like this.

supertooth hd is one of the top car gadgets for 2014

The SuperTooth HD clips into the visor in your car allowing you to connect it to your phone using Bluetooth. It’s got voice recognition software that lets you receive your calls with voice commands too – so it’s as hands-free as they come when it’s set up.

Reviews state that it picks up your voice and plays audio clearly due to its two speakers and two microphones – and as long as it keeps you safe it just has to be one of the top car gadgets about.

Price: £79.99

Breffo Spiderpodium Original

If you’re still thinking of sticking to your smartphone for GPS and navigation capabilities, while using apps like AA’s Roadwatch Pro, then you’re going to need something to hold it in place.

breffo spider podium

Breffo’s Spiderpodium Original is one of our favourites – it’s flexible, it’s secure and it’s even useful outside of your car.

The podium can be bent into all kinds of positions depending where you’re mounting it, and we’ve seen it moulded onto bags, bikes or even just used as a stand. If nothing else grabs your attention then the price probably will.

Price: £14.99 – bargain.

OBDLink MX by Scan Tool

Do you know much about cars? I know I don’t. I think this device could help us all out though. The OBDLink MX by Scan Tool basically monitors your car so that you can see how your engine is performing.

one of the best car gadgets

We’ve all been there – the car feels a bit funny, or something doesn’t smell quite right but we just have no idea what’s going on. This device would send a full report to your smartphone to help you diagnose the fault and perhaps even get it properly checked before proper damage occurs. It’s also just kind of cool to know to be honest.

Price: £150

Sony MEX-BT3100U

Driving along in your car singing to music like no one can see or hear you is a popular activity for most of us, but if you’re driving around in something old school then it’s hard to find a way to connect modern technology.

sony car stereo

You don’t need a new car though – you just need a new stereo, and this is one of the best on the market. Whether you want to play CDs or connect an MP3 player or smartphone, this one’s got you covered.

Price: around £90

Do you have any of these car gadgets? Let us know what you make of them. Catch us on Twitter or Facebook and catch even more tech tips here

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