top tennis apps for wimbledon 2014

Are you addicted to watching the tennis during Wimbledon every year?

Let’s face it, we’d all take the week off and watch Wimbledon with champagne in one hand and strawberries in the other if we could – but unfortunately it’s not all that realistic. But if you can’t watch all the games then how are you supposed to keep up with everything that’s going on?

Well, we reckon we can help you out – here’s our list of [tweet_dis]the top tennis apps to keep you up with the latest from Wimbledon 2015![/tweet_dis]Follow our guide, quick, and catch up on what you’ve already missed.

Official Wimbledon 2015 app – The Championships

As with most sporting events, one of the best apps to keep up with the latest comes from the event itself. ‘The Championships’ is the official app for Wimbledon 2015 – and comes complete with results, draws, order of play, live news, player profiles and so much more.

The championships official top tennis app for Wimbledon 2014

This app is so jam packed with information that you’ll simply always know what’s going on, and as it’s coming from official sources you can feel safe in the knowledge that it’s all accurate.

It’s actually great if you’re attending Wimbledon for any of the matches too – the app lets you create a ‘My Wimbledon’ account and even lets you locate facilities on the vast grounds.

Get it on Android or iOS.

Wimbledon Tennis Live Scores

If you’re sat at your desk and just want to glance at your phone every so often for live scores, then Wimbledon Tennis Live Scores is the top tennis app for you. Scores will feed through from all tour and grand slam matches and the draw sheet is said to be quite detailed too.

top tennis apps for wimbledon 2014

Live scores aren’t the only feature to this app though – in-app challenge games, quizzes and rankings mean that you’ll have plenty to play with when you’re out of work too.

Get the app on Android.

BBC Sport

As with our top football apps for the World Cup this year, BBC Sport always comes out top as far as sports apps go. You can catch up on the latest news, fixtures, results and statistics from the BBC before, during and after every game.

BBC sport is one of the top tennis apps for wimbledon

Customisation on this app is pretty great too actually – you have the ability to set notifications for information that you really just have to know and you can even set your favourite sports, players and add Quick Links back to the main page for your favourite news.

Get BBC Sport on Android or iOS.

TV Catch Up

For those of you who are on the go but still able to watch the games, TV Catch up might just be the one for you. As far as top tennis apps for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android goes – they don’t come much better than this.

tv catch up app

TV Catch Up allows you to watch Wimbledon 2015 live even if you can’t be by your TV. The app streams live tennis so you’re right in the action. If you do have a desktop you can use it on though you will get some added features – the Desktop Player allows you to record live Freeview, so that you can re-watch your favourite bits again later.

Get the app on Windows Phone, Android or iOS.

Tennis Math

Inspired by tennis you’ve seen so far in Wimbledon 2015? Why wouldn’t you be?! This app offers you a creative way to have a go yourself. Tennis Math lets you manage your own tournament at home – offering Grand Slam, pro-set and custom matches so you can have a go yourself.

tennis math - top tennis app

The statistics tracker means you can totally keep track of everyone’s scores, which makes it great for coaches and tennis players. But we think the app could be great if you’re a parent trying to get your kids more active too. Go on, why not give it a go?! Have your own Wimbledon.

Get the app on Android.

Are you keeping up with the latest from Wimbledon? Let us know what you make of these apps on Facebook or by tweeting us. Catch more tips on our favourite apps here. Main image via SportingLife.

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