You’ve used a comparison site to get the best price on the market for your device, now you just need to send it off and await that sweet cash in your bank account.

There are a few key things you need to do to make sure you get the price you bargained for and get paid fast!

1) Ensure it is in the condition you said it was

This is important. You must be honest about the condition your device is in or the recycler could revise your cash offer, and that only leads to disappointment and hassle. If your phone has a cracked screen but you sold it as ‘working’ then get your screen replaced. It’s also worth giving your phone a quick clean and dust down, to make sure it is in the best condition possible!

2) Wipe data off your device

The recycler only requires your device with a working battery. Always check with the chosen recycler that they do not require you to send the charger or manuals for items like your sat nav, iPod and digital camera, although this is unlikely.

You also need to wipe the data off of your phone, and back it up! If you have an iPhone read our quick handy guide here. If not you can usually find the reset buttons in settings – but remember to back up your device first!

3) Remove your sim and SD card

Make sure you take out your sim card and SD card if your phone has one. The recycler will not need these. If you do send a sim card, it is not guaranteed that the buyer will send it back to you! So double check you have kept hold of it.

4) Pack your device properly

Your device needs to reach the buyer in the condition you sent it, so think carefully about how you package it. The most important things are that it is protected from bumps in transit and that it is secure.

Many recyclers will send you a cardboard box and packaging, use this! If the recycler sends you a bag instead. It may be worth at least wrapping it in bubble wrap, or using an old cardboard box of your own to send it.

It’s also wise to disguise the contents of your packaging for an even safer delivery, and ensure the order number and label are clearly on show.

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