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3D printing is no longer just part of the manufacturing world – things have got stange, and we kind of love it. 

[tweet_dis]From food, to cars to actual body parts – there isn’t much that you can’t print now.[/tweet_dis]Check out our list of the top weird 3D printing concepts out here.

1. PancakeBot 3D

We don’t want to freak you out, so we thought we’d start you off with something delicious like pancakes.

weird 3d printing techniques - pancakes

Have you ever wanted a pancake in the shape of the Eiffel Tower with all of its detail? We bet this PancakeBot can do a whole lot more than that too. This device will let you create masterpiece pancakes which would just never work by hand.

Unfortunately you can’t buy one just yet but if you’re feeling a bit D.I.Y you can check out instructions for how to make one here. This is way better than ink jet printing, right?!

2. 3D printed models of your unborn child

We told you 3D printing is being used from rather strange purposes! It seems like Japanese firm Fasotec already think that scan photos of your unborn child are no longer enough – they want you to be able to take home a 3D-printed model.

weird 3D printing - a 3D model of a baby

It’s weird, but luckily not as weird as it sounds. Experts look at your MRI scan to see the image, and then gives it a 3D shape on a computer before using a 3D printer to create your model.

You probably won’t want one yet though – this kind of 3D printing will cost you almost £600.

3. Food 3D printer

For [tweet_dis]people who claimed they wouldn’t be impressed by technology until you could print food – well, you can be impressed now.[/tweet_dis]It’s not exactly a ‘see food online, right click and print’ kind of system, but it’s certainly a sign of things to come.

3d printing food foodini

Natural Machines has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the Foodini 3D food printer. The device comes with capsules which you can fill with various fresh ingredients – by using the touchscreen display you can then decide what shape you want and many other settings, allowing it to 3D print your food.

So far Foodini has settings installed for food like burgers, pizza and even cookies. Drool.

4. Functioning human body parts

Experts haven’t quite cracked how to create a machine design which prints working body organs – but it is something they’re working on.

3d printed ear

Image via Cornell University

Researchers from Cornell University recently used a 3D printer to create a human ear, which they say could actually be attached to a real-life human being in the future. On top of this, a start up in San Diego called Organovo can 3D print human liver tissue – and believes it will be able to use this to create an entire organ at some point too.

It’s all some extremely strange but really impressive stuff.

5. Weapons

If you think about this a little too much, it’s actually quite scary. A group called Defence Distributed recently fired the world’s first 3D printed gun – a controversial event worldwide.

weird 3d printing of a gun

Image via the BBC

That isn’t where 3D printed weapons end though – the British defence company BAE claims to have successful launched and flown a Tornado jet which was made entirely by 3D printing. Apparently this would save absolutely thousands of pounds on maintenance and refit costs within the weapons industry.

6. 3D printed clothes

Forget hand-made, delicately woven fabrics – 3D printing could actually revolutionise the fashion industry. No, we’re probably not all going to start wearing 3D printed t-shirts over the ones we find on the high-street – but for high-end fashion 3D printing is already making waves.

3D printed dress

Various 3D printing techniques mean that creating complex, intricate designs which need to fit a particular body shape is actually possible – and we’ve been seeing some pretty epic designs.

Experts also think this would be good for creating shoes for people with oddly shaped feet too.

7. Robot Tattoo Artist

This year Antoine Goupille from France became the first person to ever get a tattoo from a 3D printer. It was only a circle, but that was actually one of the most impressive points about the event – a circle is the hardest thing to draw accurately by hand.

robot tattoo artist - weird 3D printing via instructables

Printing machines like this seem quite intimidating, when you think about the fact that whatever they tattoo will be inked to your skin forever. If it means more accuracy though, we can imagine it becoming pretty popular in the future.

8. Your house

It was recently reported that a Chinese firm printed out 10 full-sized houses within just 24 hours – and that’s pretty incredible.

weird 3D printing - houses

Now these are some impressive machines – for a start, they’re absolutely ginormous. 10 metre by 6.6 metre 3D printers were used to build the walls, which were built up of cement and construction waste.

The big bonus about these houses though? They cost less than $5,000 to make according to 3D Printer Plans – could this be the answer to more affordable housing?

9. Your face

We saved the creepiest for last. A Brooklyn artist is using weird 3D printing methods to make copies of people’s faces.

3D human mask - seriously weird 3D printing

Image via shahrulazmi

Now this one really is as creepy as it sounds – the PhD student collects rubbish like chewing gum, extracts the DNA and sends it off to a lab which then sends her information which she uses to create a 3D image of an anonymous face on her computer. Then she prints it off…right.

If you could print anything, what would you want to create using a 3D printer?! Tell us what your favourite weird 3D printing creation is on Facebook or Twitter. You can catch more weird news from the tech world here too.

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