Below are some of the craziest adverts you can get on Gumtree. Because the adverts are free it seems any nutcase can post an advert on there!

If you’re not using a price comparison site like to find the best price for your mobile phone, another way is through free ad sites like Gumtree or Craigslist. But old phones and gadgets aren’t the only things you can get on these sites, in fact, you can get pretty much anything. This isn’t always a good thing though.

Here’s our list of some of the weirdest adverts – be warned, there’s the strange, the crazy and the outright creepy.

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Back in time

This Gumtree ad user says he is simply to old to go back in time now

This Gumtree ad user says he is simply to old to go back in time now

Here’s a new one! Calling all ‘good fit’ humans over the age of 25. This guy is looking for you! The anonymous advertiser is far too old now for time travel so he’s going to need you to go for him – but don’t worry he’ll provide the weapons. Yes, yes this is extremely worrying. Hopefully this individual isn’t actually in possession of weapons. The ad was taken down within 12 hours by Gumtree according to Huffington Post UK. We are finding the worm hole image particularly funny.

Top of the range HP laptop, slightly damaged.

laptop copy

It’s hard to know what to say about this one really. We particularly like the way the seller has tried to make it more appealing by saying the screen doesn’t reflect as it used to. I guess you have to give them credit for trying.

Batmobile for sale


If you’ve seen the most recent Batman film then this car probably doesn’t quite match up to what you imagine when you hear the world Batmobile. But, the old ad says ‘Bruce’ spent somewhere around £6,000 over five years turning this into his dream film car according to Gumtree. People seemed to love it though, with over a thousand views someone bought it in the end – let us know if you see it around.

Kissing Tutor Wanted…

kissing ad

Some guy was obviously really trying his luck here. Although claiming that he isn’t looking for ‘anything else’ just a way to become a good kisser – we’re not so sure. He claims that in return he can offer a meal out, friendship or piano lessons though if you’re interested.

Double chin for sale

double chin

There’s no picture for this old ad from Gumtree, but we can only assume it would be something like this. Stating that ‘it’s been growing for a while, but it’s almost the same size as my ass now, and has to go’ according to the site we’re not sure why anyone would want to buy this. Someone must be looking for motivation.

Free tea cup handle


Again there was no actual picture for this old ad. Yep, they’re selling the handle to the tea cup – as it fell off so they simply don’t need it anyone. Question is: who WOULD need a tea cup handle? Apparently, for a good price, the broken mug is also up for grabs.

Invisible cape

invisible cape

What are the chances that someone crazed Harry Potter fan actually took her up on this? The ‘no chancers…plzzzzzz’ is probably my favourite part.

Stainless steel urinal and stainless steel hand basin


Apparently there is a market out there for used urinals. Other than the obvious ‘eew’ I don’t really know what to say. I’m assuming this was probably bought by some dodgy nightclub or something in the end. We just have to hope it’s not in anyone’s house somewhere.

Reborn Vampire Victorian Doll

creepy vamp doll

Well this is just terrifying – ‘from a royal vampire blood line’ and ‘does not like direct sunlight’. Put this in a house with children (probably adults too) and you are guaranteed to have nightmares.

Unworn Disney Mens Boxer Shorts for sale! 😀 (Yes, I’m serious)

Disney boxers

And here they are! This is apparently a serious ad, a present that was never actually given to anyone in the end. At the bargainous price of just £5 this guy still doesn’t seem to have sold them. I’m not sure I’d trust that they were unworn if I was a potential buyer either though.

Professional Magick artist, Mentalist and Hypnotist


At least this guy knows he’s a ‘mentalist’. Claiming to ‘summon forces outside of the realm of our known universe’, he called this ‘Magick (NOT Magic)’. Whatever it is, I don’t think there are many people who would want this guy in their house, especially as he can’t take responsibility for ‘demons’ he summons. Crazy.

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