Every day, hundreds of people across the UK trust CompareMyMobile to save them money and provide a quick and easy way to sell their unused gadgets.

CompareMyMobile is the UK’s #1 most trusted gadget trade-in comparison site, but don’t let us tell you that – each month we get tons of reviews from real customers telling us how happy they are with their sale!


Provided me with all the options I wanted and that enabled me to reach my decision of which recyclers to use very quickly. Highly recommend.

Brian Wood


One little form to fill and you are done. I like the reviews on the companies doing mobile recycling because that helps me go with the best.

Natasha Bazanova


The site put me in touch with a buyer for mobile who offered much more than any of the well known mobile phone buyers. The buyer turned out be reliable as well. Very pleased.

Neil Tooley

Trade-in with CompareMyMobile because:

We’re trusted

Every day our customers leave top notch reviews about us and how we helped them sell their old devices.

We make things easy and fast

Our one-step ordering system means you can sell your device in a flash!


We’re impartial

Customers are our priority at CompareMyMobile. We have no affiliation to any recycling businesses – if a recycler isn’t playing fair, we’ll stop listing them on the site.


We look after your wallet

We’ve been quoting millions to customers every year since CompareMyMobile launched in 2009. Plus comparing with us can earn you up to an extra 46% on your old device!


We look after you

We’re here to support you through your sale from start to finish, whether that’s with our handy ‘how-to’ guides or our fast email service. You can also get in contact with us on [social media] should you have a problem!


We’re experienced

The CompareMyMobile team have been in the mobile industry for over 30 years between them. They know their stuff, and are passionate about running a completely independent and impartial recycling comparison website.


Did you know, it’s not just phones which can make you money?

CompareMyMobile lists over 6000+ devices in 10+ gadget categories. You could be sitting on a gold mine of old devices! If you have an old iPad, tablet, iPod, satnav, camera or computer – you can find the best trade-in price for it online and sell its fast.

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