Though the current trend in technology is to make everything as small as possible, while retaining all the features we have come to expect, there are still developers committed to making big and beautiful mobile phones.

As smartphones continue to cram a camera, internet browsing capabilities, video recorders and music players into smaller and smaller handsets, some people take it upon themselves to explore the other end of the spectrum and build unnecessarily large handsets.

To give you a better idea of the lengths people go to in order to create the world’s largest mobile phones we have compiled this concise guide to the biggest handsets out there.

Early mobile phones were necessarily large as producers lacked both the technology and design knowledge to create handsets on the small scale that they do today. Power sources were an issue and placed restrictions on how small developers could go.

Limitations in battery technology meant that they had to be incredibly large in order for them to be able to power a mobile phone, thus drastically increasing the overall size of the handset. The Motorola designed mobile phone that made the first ever public mobile weighing in at around 1.1kg which was incredibly big, cumbersome and bulky, characteristics that designers would try and tackle in the early years of commercial mobile phones.

The first commercially available mobile phone was the Motorola DynaTAC, which must take the prize for the largest mainstream mobile phone available ever. It went on sale on 6th March 1983, offered 30 minutes of talk time or 8 hours of standby per charge and was incredibly popular.

The phone revolutionised the way in which people communicate, even if it was incredibly bulky and unwieldy – and has become an iconic piece of technology. With a price of $3,995 at the time of release, in addition to its cumbersome design, you may be forgiven for thinking that the phone wasn’t too much of a commercial success. However, sales were enormous and retailers had waiting lists thousands of people long. Despite its size, the DynaTAC was incredibly successful.

If you’re looking for the largest mobile phone in the world today, you have to browse through a number of designers claiming the prize. However, one the most credible claims comes from China, where a Mr. Tan has created a 3ft high working replica of his own mobile.

The handset is 620 times bigger than his normal mobile phone, and weighs a whopping 48lbs. It contains all the functions we have come to expect from a mobile phone, including a built in camera and internet access, but has to be plugged into the mains as he is yet to build a big enough battery. The phone has been tested by local journalists, who have confirmed that the phone is fully functional and able to make calls and send SMS messages.

However, the prize for the largest mobile phone in the world must go to an effort in 2009 by Cricket Wireless and Samsung Telecommunications America. This dynamic team created a fully functioning phone that is approximately 15ft long, 13ft high and 3ft deep. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the phone was open to any member of the public who wanted to make a free phone call or send a text on the largest mobile phone in the world.



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